Name Country Organization Wish for the World.
1 Alex Pereklita Canada Tao Sangha Let’s listen to each other and build good relationships,
Let’s listen to our environment and help the earth,
Let’s listen to the universe and receive the gifts the universe has to offer!
2 Jeanne Cronin Canada   Happiness for All
3 Tsuyoshi Mogi Canada Tao Sangha Peace
4 Lee Crockett Canada   A global compassionate community.
5 Anonymous     That each individual learns to be kind to themselves and others. Kindness breeds love trust and all that is needed to grow a peaceful world.
6 Sarah Officer USA   I wish that sunlight would heal our hearts
7 Patricia Melody USA St a Frances Cabrini Peace on Earth and love and respect for Mother Earth and each other.
8 Diane Bilodeau Canada   Peace and love
9 Helene Couvrette Canada   My wish for the world is for women who are sexual slaves be saved and protected.
10 hlakyaw rakhine Banglasdesh Tao Sangha/GUC Rakhine center My best wishes to all involved in the Earth Caravan project and Congratulations.

I hope & wish for the future peace and happiness,
The all human being,planet and animal in the world
will promote through sincere efforts of the Earth caravan project organization.
Namu Amida
President, Guc Rakhine center/Cox'sbazar,Bangladesh.
11 sandra costanzo Canada   Peace, Health and Happiness wrapped up in love inside everyone's heart.
12 Milda Geaham Canada   That people be peaceful and happy within their bodies
13 Anonymous     To show more respect for indigenous peoples. Stop exploiting them and destroying their communities.
14 Amber Williston Canada   May all beings be safe, loved, valued and respected.
15 Julie Sauvé Canada   Gentleness and compassion
16 Yutaka Toyoda Canada   Everyone in the world can do what they want to be done to others, and not doing what they don't want to be done even 20% more than now, maybe 30%.
17 Lawrence Lefcort Canada Tao Sangha A bright future for all children in the world: joy, health, safety and comfort!
18 Diane Bilodeau Canada   Peace and love
19 Michael Daigle Canada   I wish that we, as a species, will quickly evolve beyond our short-sighted profit and prestige oriented lifestyles into one in which humans can live in sustainable harmony with each other and the Earth in all it's biodiversity.
20 Elena Mikliaeva Canada   My biggest wish for the world, for children, animals and plants is that they all be treated with unconditional love, compassion, and gratitude.
21 Lou Lefcort Canada   That all children will be happy and healthy!
22 Benoit Rolland Canada   peaceful healing
23 Elias Morkos Canada   I truly wish for humans to open up to one another and discover how much we are all so close in our hearts and mind. And see how easy we can make it to live all in harmony with our mother earth.
24 Elena Frantova Canada   To live in peace, to have compassion for each other, to care about each other and our environment.
25 Anonymous     Peace and harmony between people of all faith and countries, respect for nature and the whole ecosystem we depend upon.
26 Erin Kipps Canada   That people practice forgiveness, compassion and are mindful of the resources that they are consuming.
27 Michelle Scott Canada   That folks can love themselves and the earth so all can heal.
28 Teresa Hart Canada   Kindness and empathy and prosperity for everyone
29 Osamu minami Canada    
30 Rob Heemskerk Netherlands   Peace, Happiness and no pollution!
31 Anne Desaulniers Canada   I wish for all to live from the heart and realize that we are all connected. I wish for love, care, joy , good health and living conditions.
32 Junko Riu Canada    
33 Muxace Goy Canada    
34 Ryugen Pereklita Canada   Peace everywhere!
35 Kera Pesall Canada    
36 Bob Posen Canada   Mastery of the mind to express the goodness of the heart. Both.
37 Sachiko Hata Pereklita Canada   World peace...
38 Etegami Canada Canada Etegami Canada World Peace.
39 Sam Ravenda Canada   I fully support this project, spreading peace and love around the world In this way is exactly what we need to see more of. Yoji Ishimi's story is so sad but also inspirational what he's chosen to do with it. I offer my best thoughts and love for all the people involved.
41 Diana Ramos Canada   May all beings be happy, have peace and love.
42 Emma Strapps Australia   that we can alter our current state of individualism and market driven economy to a more holistic attitude which will allow humans, animals and plants to thrive for many centuries more. I want no more poisoning of the earth.
43 Patrick Riley Canada    
44 Mark Smith Canada   That all people of the world will find peace in their body, mind and spirit.
45 Maura Edwards Canada   That each person, first and foremost, shows compassion towards themselves and then shows that same compassion to their neighbour.
46 Emanuele Puma Canada   safety and peace for all.
47 John Sakamoto-Kramer Canada Journeys Around the Circle Society May we treat each other as sisters and brothers living together on Mother Earth. All life is sacred. All lives matter. Everyone deserves to live in Peace, to be Free and to be Happy. All my relations.
48 Hiroshi Yamamoto Canada   World peace!
49 Anonymous     I wish the world is peace.
50 Megumi Sakakibara Canada   Violence free world. Harmony and Love to all humanity
51 Alfred Müller Austria   My wish for the world is that we can create a world where all people can live in peace and every being can live the mission in it's life.
52 Kristina Driedger Canada   tighter connection between people and the earth, animals, ancestors, future beings, and spirit worlds!!!
53 Philippe Funez Canada   Mon souhait pour le monde est qu'il retrouve le chemin de la simplicité. La simplicité d'aimer, d'exister, de vivre en harmonie, ensemble. Plus de limite. 
C'est dans la paix que je lui souhaite de prendre ses racines. La paix des hommes, la paix de l'âme, dans une connexion franche avec sa vraie nature. 
Ce sont ses graines que je plante aujourd'hui et que je verrai germer, puis grandir en chacun de nous.


My wish for the world is that he retrieves the path of simplicity. The simplicity of loving, existing, living in harmony together. No limit. 
It is in peace that I want him to take his roots. Peace of men, peace of mind, in a free connection to its true nature. 
These are the seeds I plant today and I will see them germinate and grow in each of us.
54 Kana Mineo Canada   I wish no more wars and bullying.
55 Sophie Campbell Canada   Peace and freedom for all sentient beings.
56 Eun Ae Kim South Korea   Peace
57 Mirela Stosic Canada   Respecting people, animals and plants
58 Ursula Bertea Canada    
59 Yan De Repentigny Canada   Universal Love
60 caroline abou Canada   I wish for the world to go back in a time where you can find an abundance of fruits and vegetables instead of highly processed and toxic aliments and products. A time where it's good to live.
61 Meghedi Aghourian Canada   My wish is world peace. My wish is for everyone around the world to live in peace. My wish is for violence, and war to end. My wish is for the people of earth to be left in peace, to live and to be happy.
62 Julie Des Rosiers Canada La BIOferme des Caps Paix, maturité affective, AMOUR et joie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
63 Daniela Klocker Austria   Our world is our Mother, I wish with all my heart that we stop abusing our Mother, the way that we do now. My wish for Mother Earth is that mankind respects her, loves her and treats her well, as God has actually intended it when he granted us this wonderful place to dwell on. Let us stop hurting Mother Earth and lets stop hurting each other!!
64 Ann Canada   I wish that all nuclear power plants be closed down and that there would be no more nuclear energy (or nuclear weapons) production. I wish all harmful substances connected with everything nuclear be rendered neutral and harmless, and that all people negatively effected by the above become fully healthy again. I wish that we human beings would return to nature and again understand that we can produce energy from the wind, sun, water, and via other natural means (i.e. the energy we produce ourselves, when we start harnessing it more effectively scientifically), to create a safe and natural environment for us and future generations. Bless the souls of all those people suffering due to nuclear issues, whatever they be, worldwide.
65 Jo O Canada    
66 Suzanne mainville Canada   J'espère qu'un vent d'amour rassemblera nos coeurs et que notre conscience s'élèvera
67 Melissa Fernandes Canada India   Connecting to joy
68 Ariane Boulanger Desmarais Canada    
69 Hiromi Marcinik Canada    
70 C Brown Canada   That differences between countries, societies, communities and individuals can begin to be viewed as our global strength. Leading to increased harmony and sustainable global peace.
71 Andrea Carini Canada    
72 Sidney Ikeda Canada   For everyone to live your life to the fullest by giving happiness, harmony love and peace.
73 Yoko Hirayama Canada    
74 Oliver Stocker Austria   I wish for trust in solidarity of people in having faith for walking the path towards liberation and a happy future