Earth Caravan initiatives in the Balkan states aim to create a free and caring way of living among the many cultures and nations who live together, embracing the beauty of each other’s differences and diversity. ‘Jita Funi’ is one of the underlying basic attitudes of all Earth Caravan activities. It is the practice of union of self and others, living with empathy, staying united against all dividing forces.

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The Yugoslav Wars were a series of ethnic conflicts, wars of independence and insurgencies fought in the former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001, which led to the breakup of the Yugoslav state. Often described as Europe’s deadliest conflicts since World War II, the wars were marked by many war crimes, including genocide, crimes against humanity and rape. The Bosnian genocide was the first European crime to be formally judged as genocidal in character since World War II. It is estimated that the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo produced about 2.4 million refugees and an additional 2 million internally displaced persons.

How can countries that have gone through war and genocide see that deep inside their shared trauma exists the potential for the next generation’s heart to enjoy, raise up, and create a bright future? How can people awaken to the fact that ‘the interests of self and others’ are not in conflict? The process of overcoming separation is not easy. However, its realization promises a happier and freer life. Through its programs, the Earth Caravan helps people develop the heart of compassion to melt the separation between self and others enabling them to overcome deep trauma and to be free from fear and pain.

In the Balkan states, the Earth Caravan organizes cultural events, supports local organizations and projects, and offers Tao shiatsu courses (link) and Ki and Heart workshops (Link to taosangha-na, later link to invitation to upcoming courses). Participants from all faiths and cultures learn how to:

Cultivate ‘Jita Funi’ and bring it into practice in daily life
Experience physical and emotional healing
Be responsible for the happiness of others
Transform pain into joy

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An ongoing crisis in Gaza has left millions without access to clean drinking water. An issue stemming from both compromised water quality and quantity, only a small percent of Gaza’s population has access to safe drinking water.

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The Earth Caravan is a global interfaith pilgrimage dedicated to peace, healing and justice for the most traumatic places on our planet. Since 2015 the Earth Caravan has travelled from Nagasaki to Hiroshima, from Auschwitz to Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina and to Serbia, and from the First Nations of Canada to Israel and Palestine.

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