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Summer Kicks Off with Earth Caravan Europe 2019

One of Earth Caravan’s aims is to help develop a free and caring way of life for people everywhere, bringing together cultures and nations while encouraging them to embrace the beauty of each other’s differences and diversity. Many people from around the world travelled with the Earth Caravan European tour in June 2019, visiting Vienna, Grafenwörth, Belgrade, Petrovac na Mlavi, and Srebrenica.

Vienna Festival

To start the June 2019 Earth Caravan tour, there was a festival in Vienna on the 15th, with music by Aminadabu and Sound Flow Project, charity Tao Shiatsu treatments, and lots of food and other fun activities!

EC Balkan shiatsu

Charity shiatsu in the park in Vienna

Boot tossing

The traditional “Boot Tossing” competition!

Sound Flow Project Austria

Let’s have some music! Sound Flow Project performs.

The Largest Buddhist Stupa in Europe

Then it was off to Grafenwörth, Austria for June 17th. This town is home to the beautiful new Friedens Stupa, which is the largest stupa in Europe and was built entirely with donated funds. While visiting the stupa, Earth Caravan members added a layer of paint to the exterior. Construction of the stupa is scheduled to be finished by September 2019.

Friedens Stupa

Friedens Stupa

The stupa’s interior is filled with natural light during the daytime and is large enough to hold music, cultural, and community events. Earth Caravan helped refresh the stupa with a new coat of paint. There was Nembutsu chanting and Aminadabu played their heart-filled, melodious, and uplifting music for everyone!

Friedens Stupa interior

The interior of the stupa.

The Heart Festival in Belgrade

On June 19th, the Earth Caravan pilgrimage arrived in Belgrade, Serbia for the Heart Festival Belgrade, which included activities such as trying on Japanese traditional summer kimono, Japanese paper folding art (origami), Japanese calligraphy, and the strategic board game Chatrangha, where thrill, chance, and deep strategy meet. There was also a music concert and charity Tao Shiatsu treatments offered to the public.

Heart Festival Belgrade

Poster for the festival held on June 19th in Belgrade’s Students’ Park.

Heart Festival Belgrade

A little music…!


Playing Chatrangha

Petrovac na Mlavi Festival

On to the next destination, still in Serbia: there was a multicultural festival and concert at Petrovac na Mlavi on the 20th of June.

Petrovac traditional dance

Petrovac traditional dance

Chatrangha Petrovac

A thoughtful moment during a game of Chatrangha.

Kimono Petrovac

It was her big chance to try on a Japanese yukata (an informal summer kimono).

The Hearth Street Festival in Srebrenica

Earth Caravan travelled to Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 22nd for the Hearth Street Festival for Art and Music.

Srebrenica view

A gorgeous view of the town and mountains!

Srebrenica Heart festival

Local crafts and products on offer at the festival.

Music Srebrenica Festival

On stage in Srebrenica!

As Earth Caravan Europe 2019 wound down, everyone was invited to attend a meditation and healing workshop on June 23rd during the day, and the tour finished with a party in the evening. How wonderful, fulfilling, and exciting to be travelling through Europe, bringing fun, friendliness, hope, help, and light to people! Not to mention trying new food and drinks!

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To quote a member of the Earth Caravan Quebec Team:

“Earth Caravan is going forward no matter what”!

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