Emergency Appeal: Food Needed for Isolated and Locked-Down Palestinian Village

Al Aqaba child
Al Aqaba young child
Al Aqaba girl

Located in the heart of the Jordan Valley, the Palestinian village of Al Aqaba needs $1,500 a month for bread for the months of April, May and June 2020.

Project Update – May 25, 2020

We have secured funding for April and May, and need US $1,500 for one more month. In addition, water supplies to the village have now been cut off, forcing  the village to buy truckloads of water at US $60 per tank. 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Al Aqaba water

With the shutdown of Israel, the Palestinian economy is facing more problems than ever, and the export of their organic products has stopped.

Al Aqaba has lived under the military threat of being demolished by Israel for over 50 years. The village has developed exceptional living standards thanks to funding from Austria, the Netherlands, and UK as well as from projects from the United States. Now the town is cut off entirely from any income.

Mayor Hadj Sami was hit by a bullet shot by an Israeli soldier when he was a small boy, forcing him into the wheelchair. Nevertheless, he has dedicated his whole life to peace, communication, and the welfare of his small village located on the majestic desert brown hills of the Jordan valley.

Many years of hard work to establish sustainable, high-quality and fair trade milk products and herbs are crumbling under the weight of the coronavirus crisis. The fragile economic independence of the village, which has been developed so diligently, is endangered. Your donations will help the families in the community to survive the next few months until trading routes open up again.

Thank you letter

Haji Sami
Earth Caravan Team with Haj Sami
Al Aqaba children
Al Aqaba children

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Al Aqaba

$1,005 of $5,000 raised

The coronavirus crisis has left the 60 families of Al Aqaba at risk of not being able to secure adequate food supplies to survive. Fifty dollars ($50) is enough to buy enough bread for the whole village for one day.

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